Easy folder sync between Windows and Linux/Mac
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Acrosync for Windows can sync entire folders with any Linux/Mac/NAS without installing server software. That is because it is the only native Windows implementation of rsync, a powerful folder sync tool that is ubiquitously installed by default in the non-Windows world.

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  • No more cygwin

    Acrosync for Windows is not dependent on cygwin and it is very easy to install. Just download a small installer and a few clicks later you're ready to go. An ssh client is built-in, so there is no need to setup password-less login for rsync over ssh.

  • Efficient sync

    Based on the rsync protocol, Acrosync is smart enough to sync files that only exist or are newer on the source while skipping identical files. Moreover, if only a small portion of a large file is modified, Acrosync will only transfer the modified portion instead of the entire file to save bandwith and improve speed.

  • Dropbox replacement

    Acrosync integrates a file system monitor that can detect file changes. Using the default backup mode, new or modified files will be automatically and almost instantly uploaded to the rsync server. File deletions can also be automatically propagated to the server if the 'propagate deletions' option is selected.

    Note that automatic sync is one way, i.e., from client to server. Acrosync does not support automatic download when files on server side change.

  • Time Machine style backups

    When this option is selected, Acrosync is capable of creating space-efficient incremental hourly backups on the server, taking advantage of the '--link-dest' option provided by rsync. This essentially turns any Mac/Linux/NAS into a Time Machine style backup server, without installing server software and at no extra cost.

  • The Ultimate Sync and Backup Solution

    Starting from version 1.5, Acrosync can be configured to run as a Windows service, syncing and backing up your important files in the background even if you're not logged in.

    In addition, when run as administrator, Acrosync can invoke the Volume Shadow Copy service prior to opening files. This way, files locked by other processes can still be uploaded, guaranteeing consistent backups on the server.

  • Versatility

    Acrosync can connect to almost any Linux computer even without server-side configuration. This includes not just desktops but also servers, such as VPS or dedicated servers. A remote access account provided by most companies and universities works too. Or even a small form factor computer like Raspberry Pi.

    Sync with QNAP and Synology NAS boxes, as well as rsync storage providers such as rsync.net, HiDrive (paid accounts only), and Strongspace, is officially supported.

  • Fully Functional Trial

    Acrosync for Windows comes with a 15 day trial with all features available.

    Acrosync for Windows runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

Uninstall Instructions

To remove Acrosync for Windows, open the Start menu, select All Programs, then expand the Acrosync group, and click the Uninstall Acrosync menu item.