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Acrosync for Mac is a new rsync client for OS X with an easy-to-use GUI and Dropbox-like automatic upload. It can be also be configured to create hourly incremental network backups similar to Time Machine, but without the need to install server software.

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  • No more external rsync binary

    Acrosync for Mac does not spawn an external process to run the rsync protocol, therefore it is more robust and more information during the sync can be made available (such as the progress). An ssh client is built-in, so there is no need to setup password-less login for rsync over ssh.

  • Dropbox replacement

    Acrosync integrates a file system monitor that can detect file changes. Using the default backup mode, new or modified files will be automatically and almost instantly uploaded to the rsync server. File deletions can also be automatically propagated to the server if the 'propagate deletions' option is selected.

    Note that automatic sync is one way, i.e., from client to server. Acrosync does not support automatic download when files on server side change.

  • Time Machine style backups

    When this option is selected, Acrosync is capable of creating space-efficient incremental hourly backups on the server, taking advantage of the '--link-dest' option provided by rsync. This essentially turns any Mac/Linux/NAS into a Time Machine style backup server, without installing server software and at no extra cost.

  • Versatility

    Acrosync can connect to almost any Linux computer even without server-side configuration. This includes not just desktops but also servers, such as VPS or dedicated servers. A remote access account provided by most companies and universities works too. Or even a small form factor computer like Raspberry Pi.

    Sync with QNAP and Synology NAS boxes, as well as rsync storage providers such as rsync.net, HiDrive (paid accounts only), and Strongspace, is officially supported.

  • Fully Functional Trial

    Acrosync for Mac comes with a 15 day trial with all features available.

    Acrosync for Mac runs on OS X 10.8+.

Uninstall Instructions

To remove Acrosync for Mac, open a Terminal window and run this command: sudo rm -rf /Applications/Acrosync