Acrosync licenses are perpetual. Latest releases and upgrades will always be available at no extra charges.

One license can be installed on one Windows or Mac computer. If you need to run Acrosync on multiple computers, one license is required for each computer.

Before you buy a license, you have the option to trial Acrosync for 15 days, during which all features are available and no limitations are imposed. After the trial ends, one license is required for each computer on which Acrosync is installed.

Licenses Price per License Discount
1 License $99.99 -
2-4 Licenses $89.99 10%
5-9 Licenses $79.99 20%
10-19 Licenses $69.99 30%
20-49 Licenses $64.99 35%
50-99 Licenses $59.99 40%
100+ Licenses $49.99 50%
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Purchasing FAQ

Do I have to pay for future upgrades?

No, all Acrosync licenses are perpetual. Once you own a license, you are entitled to receive life time upgrades, major or minor.

How do I receive my license?

After the purchase, you will receive one or more License Activation Codes depending on the number of copies you ordered. You can then enter one license activation code in the activation dialog for each computer. Acrosync will download a license key from our license server and save it to the registry on Windows or the user defaults on Mac. With that license key, Acrosync will be able to tell that it is running a licensed copy.

How do I know if the license I'm buying is for Windows (or Mac)?

They are the same. You are actually buying one time use license activation codes. One license activation code can be activated on a Windows computer, or on a Mac computer, but not on both.

My licensed copy became expired after I upgraded my computer and reinstalled OS. How do I restore the license?

Try to activate without entering a license activation code. Acrosync will automatically download your license key from our license server.

What are your security measures regarding the use of my credit card for the purchase?

Our license server simply passes your credit card information directly to our payment processor, We do not save your credit card anywhere.

In addition, the connections between your web browser and, between your web browser and our license server, between our license server and, are all encrypted.

Can I pay with paypal?

The order page only accepts credit cards. However, you can email us and we will create an order for you.

How do I buy Acrosync for iOS

Acrosync for iOS is only available on the App Store. Due to Apple's policies, we cannot offer a trial version of Acrosync for iOS.

Can I get a refund if I find out Acrosync isn't the right tool for me

Absolutely. Just email us and we will issue the refund if it is still within 30 days after purchase. When you do so, however, please also let us know why you are not satisfied and what you do think we can do to make Acrosync better.

If you want a refund for Acrosync for iOS, open iTunes and go to your Account Info, select Purchase History and then click on the Report a Problem link next to your Acrosync purchase.