Can't login to Synology 214Play from Acrosync for Mac 1.6 build 427

Might be something stupid I am doing (or not doing), but cannot login in to my Synology NAS from Acrosync.

I can log in to the NAS from everywhere else: Finder, terminal using either telnet or ssh, using admin, but not from this app.

I think I have the permissions set up properly on the NAS as I can log in from elsewhere.

Any ideas? Thx...Ian

13:11:25    Permission denied, please try again.
13:11:37    rsync command: rsync --server --modify-window=2 --sender --out-format=%n --links -tude. . ""
13:11:37    Permission denied, please try again.
13:13:58    rsync command: rsync --server --modify-window=2 --sender --out-format=%n --links -tude. . /
13:13:58    Permission denied, please try again.
13:14:27    rsync command: rsync --server --modify-window=2 --sender --out-format=%n --links -tude. . /
13:14:27    Permission denied, please try again.
13:15:58    rsync command: rsync --server --modify-window=2 --sender --out-format=%n --links -tude. . /
13:15:58    Permission denied, please try again.
13:23:41    rsync command: rsync --server --modify-window=2 --sender --out-format=%n --links -tude. . /
13:23:41    Permission denied, please try again.


  • It is not a login problem.  You already logged into your NAS when you could run the rsync command.

    Just make sure that you the permission to write your home directory.
  • I am getting these errors when I try to select a remote directory, I never get a list of directories.

    Then I can't see what or where I need to change settings, the admin user has permissions for all folders, as admin, and using ssh from a terminal I can get right into the admin's home directory (volume1/homes/admin), and have no problems accessing it from OSX Finder as admin.

    What am I missing?

  • Can you try using root rather than admin as the user name?  Synology and QNAP always run their own versions of ssh servers for some reason.
  • Using root gives the same problem and messages when trying to get the remote directory listing.

    Is there something I should be setting up on the DS214Play in order to have this work?
  • Okay, found the problem with a little digging on the internet. 

     In DSM 5.1 there is a setting under Backup & Replication/Backup Services in the Control Panel to enable network backup service. Without this enabled, you would need to add a path setting to the rsync command such as "--rsync-path=/usr/syno/bin/rsync. I confirmed this by doing command line rsyncs from a terminal to the DS214Play.

    So finally can test out acrosync now that it sees my NAS app...
  • edited February 2015
    You're right.  My synology DS214se was running DSM 5.0 and the 'Network Backup Server' option didn't seem to matter.  But after I upgraded to DSM 5.1 this option has to be enabled for the remote browsing to work.
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