Acrosync auto upload stopping randomly


We use the auto upload function to upload images to a server.
However, Acrosync is stopped randomly.

Is there any way to debug the cause of the stop?

We thought about running Acrosync as a service to overcome this problem.
But it seems that running it as a service, we only have the option to schedule Acrosync to run instead of Auto upload. (i.e. automatically upload any new picture)


  • Did you mean Acrosync crashed or the sync job was stopped?  Any error message in the log?

  • I probably found the cause:
    We run acrosync on a VPS and when the user logs off, acrosync is stopped...

    So now we run acrosync as a service to overcome this.
    However, running acrosync as a serivce is completely separate from the gui.

    Would it be possible to log the sync operations to file done by acrosync when it runs as a service?
    Preferably using log rotation?
  • You can find the logs under the directory where the Acrosync executable is installed (normally c:\Program Files (x86)\Acrosync if you installed Acrosync for all users).

  • I can't find any log there...
    Installed acrosync for all users (service) and files have been synced,...
  • Sorry my mistake.  That directory was the default logging directory for earlier versions.  For the current version the default directory should be c:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\AcrosyncClient64.

    You can actually change it to a different directory.  Run the GUI as administrator and under the log tab enable Logging to File and select a directory you want to log to.  Then exit the GUI (by right clicking the system tray icon and selecting Quit) and restart the service.  The service will then log to the directory you select.

  • Thanks gchen!

    Is c:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\AcrosyncClient64 only where it logs to when it runs as a service?

    It seems that the service is halted when acrosync is started manually (to change settings or if a run is started)
    And started again when I right click system tray icon and select Quit.

    Previously I had "Automatically run this profile on logon" when enabling "Run at scheduled times" enabled.
    But this seems to halt the service as well
    Should I disable this option if I want to run acrosync as a service?

  • Additionally, when I Quit acrosync (and I've verified that it's running under services)

    No new files seem to be uploaded right away.

    Is this only done hourly when acrosync is run as a service?
  • Yes, the log directory is c:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\AcrosyncClient64 when it runs as a service.

    Otherwise you'll need to enable the Log to File option in the Log window and choose a log directory.

    Yes, the service is paused when the GUI is running (so you can change the settings).  It will be resumed once you exit the GUI.

    The "Automatically run this profile on logon" option must be checked for the service to run that profile.

    The service can only sync the file by schedule.  The file system monitor isn't enabled in the service.

  • Is there a specific reason the file system monitor is not enabled when it is run as a service?

    It seems that the highest frequecy at which acrosync can be scheduled is every hour?
    Is there a specific reason for that as well?
  • Not many users asked for that feature.  If your files are constantly being changed then I think it is generally better to have the GUI do the auto upload rather than relying on the service running in the background.

    The frequency is more of a GUI design issue.  It is impossible to increase the frequency without adding another GUI control.  I came up with a better scheduling control layout for my other software (see the screenshot below) so maybe in the next update for Acrosync I'll change that.

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  • Hi,

    I would love to see a possibilty for more frequent syncs as well ( or even better, the option to run auto upload with the service)
    Are you still having plans to publish this in a new version?


  • I will, but at this time I'm busy with another project so won't get back to this in a few months.
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