Profile with Propagate Deletion works manually, but deletes everything when running from schedule.

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Hoping someone can help me diagnose this issue.

I have a profile setup to sync my iTunes music to my music server.  Here are the basics:

Port 873
Over SSH:           unchecked
Pub Key Auth:       unchecked
Propagate Deletion: checked

Don't sync these files:
/Album*Artwork /Previous*iTunes*Libraries /iTunes*Media/Audiobooks /iTunes*Media/Books /iTunes*Media/Downloads /iTunes*Media/Movies /iTunes*Media/Podcasts /iTunes*Media/Automatically*Add*to*iTunes /iTunes*Media/iTunes*U /iTunes*Media/Mobile*Applications /iTunes*Media/TV*Shows /iTunes*Media/.iTunes*plist .DS_Store

This all works fine when Sync Mode is Upload (with Propagate Deletion on).  The initial upload works, subsequent changes are uploaded or deleted as expected when I upload again.

But when I set it to Backup (daily) a run just deletes everything in the sync destination after the initial full upload.  The Backup Options I'm using are:
Automatically upload...: unchecked
Create ... snapshots:    unchecked
Start profile on login:  checked
Full backup every hour:  off
Full backup at:          everyday, 11:00 PM

After the first time it deletes everything, when it then runs the next day, the add patterns in log look fine, but zero bytes are uploaded, so the sync destination just stays completely empty.

Here's the rsync command:  
rsync --server --modify-window=2 --out-format=%n --links --recursive --delete-during -tude. . music-share/iTunes/

Any thoughts?  Thanks!


  • I couldn't reproduce the issue.  Basically I replicated everything you had, including the exclude patterns you used, and I also synced my iTunes directory.

    I also double checked the code -- both update and backup modes follow the same code path with respect to setting include/exclude patterns, so it is very strange that the results would differ.

    Can you show me this line in your log?  what is the total bytes?

    12:35:02    Uploaded 0 files; total 110006689 bytes, skipped 110006689 bytes, sent 0/0 bytes

  • Ok, thanks, will do.

    1) I re-started it, let it do a full re-sync.  All good.
    2) "Stopped" it, modified a couple files, tweaked the schedule so that it would run again, "Started" it.  All good - the updates went up, no deletes.
    3) "Stopped" it again, added an additional test exclude, tweaked the schedule so it would run again, "Started" it. All good - no changes (0 files).
    4) "Stopped" it again, removed the test exclude, tweaked the schedule so it would run again, "Started" it. All good - no changes (0 files).

    5) "Stopped" it again, tweaked the schedule to it's normal time late tonight.  Will leave it and wait for the results since the above seems to indicate I may just be crazy even though the deletions I swear have happened on multiple occasions before :)


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    Hi gchen,

    Here's are the results of runs occurring after the ones in the prior post:

    6) Regular run at 11pm on 11/4.  I left the Acrosync app open in the foreground, with the screen blank/locked.  All good still.  

    23:00:01    rsync command: rsync --server --modify-window=2 --out-format=%n --links --recursive --delete-during -tude. .


    23:00:02    Add pattern: - /.acrosync/

    23:00:02    Add pattern: - .DS_Store

    23:00:02    Add pattern: - /Album*Artwork

    23:00:02    Add pattern: - /Album*Artwork/***

    ... [a bunch more Add patterns)

    23:00:11    Uploaded 0 files; total 37144733796 bytes, skipped 37144733796 bytes, sent 0/0 bytes

    7) Regular run at 11pm on 11/5.  With the Acrosync app hidden, but running green in menu bar.  Everything deleted!

    09:17:35    Acrosync for Mac 1.4 build 411 initialized

    23:00:07    Performing a full backup of /Users/[user]/Music/iTunes

    23:01:36    Deleted iTunes Media/Music/Zac Brown Band/Uncaged/11 Last But Not Least.m4a remotely

    ... [~8K more deletes]

    23:01:36    Deleted iTunes Media/Music remotely

    23:01:36    Deleted iTunes Media remotely

    23:01:36    Deleted sentinel remotely

    23:01:36    Deleted iTunes Library.xml remotely

    23:01:36    Deleted iTunes Library.itl remotely

    23:01:36    Deleted iTunes Library Genius.itdb remotely

    23:01:36    Deleted iTunes Library Extras.itdb remotely

    So fortunately (or unfortunately?) I'm not crazy - at least related to this.  Perhaps the deletions are in some way caused by the fact it is running in the "background" or it's just random. I changed nothing in the profile between runs 6 & 7. System log points to sandboxing:
      11/5/14 11:00:07.771 PM sandboxd[284]: ([286]) Acrosync(286) deny file-read-data /Users/[user]/Music/iTunes

    From the night before I just see a vague reference about failed validation at that time - not sure if related to Acrosync since things worked for that run:
      11/4/14 11:00:05.678 PM usernoted[227]: Failed to validate application at (null) -67071

    A few other interesting things about the Acrosync log:
    a) The initialize line at 09:17:35 - I rebooted the machine around then for some other reason (messes with my test case a bit).
    b) There's no rsync command or Add patterns after the second line in log.
    c) There's no final line at all showing file/byte counts, the log just ends after the last Deleted line.

    Perhaps something related to the system reboot, Acrosync initializing, and sandboxing?  Let me know your thoughts.


  • Such a nasty bug!

    What happened here was that somehow the security bookmark used to access the source directory failed after the reboot, so Acrosync saw an empty directory and forced the server to remove everything.  It should have at least thrown out an error and then given up.

    I'll submit a fix as soon as possible.  The workaround in the mean time is to disable the 'Propagate Deletions' option.  
  • found the root cause.  When profiles are started on startup, the security bookmarks are not used to access the directory.  That is why you saw the denial message in the system log.

    Hope you didn't lose any files due to this bug.  I'll submit a fix later today.
  • Great!  Glad you were able to track it down. Also glad for the random reboot since it turned out to be part of the root cause - so much for my well-thought-out test case, lol.

    No files lost - everything is backed up elsewhere and this is just to refresh the media server.

    I'll keep an eye out for the update. Thanks.

  • Despite some earlier issue with App Store, the build went through and version 1.5 is now waiting for review.  Let's see how long the review takes this time (if I remember correctly, the last two times it took one day).
  • Version 1.5 is now available in the Mac App Store.

    To verify the fix, you can run the following command in a terminal:

    open acrosync://launchedAtLogin

    This is the same command to automatically start Acrosync at login.

  • Hi,

    Downloaded and have been testing for a few days.  Seems to be working great after restarts now.  Thanks!

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