Unable to schedule a wakeup due to Apple's sandboxing rules (Mac Mini, Yosemite)

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Hi folks,

Anyone else encounter this message in the log?   I've been using Acrosync on my MBP (with Mavericks) for a couple weeks and it has worked well.  I decided to set it up to run permanently on a new Mac mini (with Yosemite) - re-keyed in the same profiles.  Seems to run fine with a manual upload, but the schedule will not wake due to Apple's App sandboxing.  When using sandboxing, Apps need to specifically request resources of the OS.  Since it works fine in on MBP I assume the App has the correct entitlement requests.  Any thoughts as to whether there's a OS X setting I need to tweak, or does Acrosync need to be updated for new Yosemite sandbox entitlements?



  • I'm surprised that the wakeup can work on Mavericks -- it should not, as scheduling a wakeup event requires administrator privilege.

    The log message is actually inaccurate.  It is possible to elevate the privilege, even with a sandboxed app, but currently it is not implemented in Acrosync.  I'll try to come up with an update soon.
  • Thanks gchen.

    And I should say that I'm not really sure why it has to wake it up at all - I'm not putting the Mini to sleep manually, just letting the screen go dark.  But I think OS X then puts it into some form of sleep after awhile. Not sure how the sleep stuff works on Mac desktop (non-laptop)

    My work around on the Mini (Yos) is to check "Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when display is off" under System Preferences > Energy Saver.   

     On my MBP (Mav) I just checked and see that I have the "Computer Sleep" slider set to Never in System Preferences > Energy Saver > Power Adapter.  So I guess that's why it works on the MBP.  Forgot I did that way back -- I should have checked earlier!

    Anyway, thanks again for response.  Keep the updates coming; this is a great tool that really has a lot of uses!

  • I'll have to correct myself again.  Apps distributed by the Mac App Store are not allowed to have elevated privileges, Apple states very clearly here. So there is no way to schedule a wake up from a sandboxed app.
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