Running Acrosync with SSH chroot

I am about to go insane here... I have a SSH chroot set up that I can log into and run rsync without any directory specification (ie, it is in the path)... and it runs fine from a shell... as soon as I run it from Acrosync I get:

"bash: rsync: command not found"

I turn off the jail and things run... but I NEED the jail for security.

I have no idea what else to try... I'd force a path in Acrosync if that were an option, but it doesn't look like it is.


  • I think you just need to set PATH in ~/.ssh/environment in order for the ssh daemon to find the rsync executable.
  • Ok, that got me on the right path (no pun intended)...

    Also need to enable "PermitUserEnvironment" in sshd.conf as well in order for it to work.

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