Not everything backed up, argh!

So close...

But horrified to discover not everything is getting backed up.
Using an exif extension on iPhone, I see that the images in camera roll getting ignored don't conform to IMG_dddd.{jpg|png|gif|dng|mov}
For instance, IMG_dddd_polarr.jpg [images save-copied by the Polarr app]
or _FXDDDDDDD.jpg image saved from email, or {UUID}.jpg images saved from tweetbot

WTH?  Save _everything in camera roll_.  period.  Everything
What's going on?

I don't use any iCloud, so that's not it.  This is on 12.1.4 with iPhoneSE, so no HEIC

Deleting the .photobackup file on the server does not fix this

Please fix!  The app is otherwise fantastic.

Willing to do TestFlight tests if this helps.

[and requiring users to create an account in order to report a bug is bad form, you are increasing the burden on those who would otherwise try to help you -- create account, verify email, blahblahblah - who is the customer here anyway?]


  • PhotoBackup only uploads files in the Camera Roll folder.  These are normally pictures and videos taken by your phone.

    The files you gave as examples are not in the Camera Roll.  They are in Saved Pictures or Screenshots.
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