Enhancement request

Add an option to include windows files which have either or both of the hidden/system attributes set.

Scenario: Using Acrosync to save a copy of Music files ripped using Windows Media Player to a remote media-serving system/NAS. As part of the ripping process Windows will create several "system/hidden" files, for example, the album art. Having these files copied to the destination means that the destination media player will properly display album art (etc).

It is not realistic to manually clear those attributes (System, Hidden) before each rsync, or each time post-RIP.

C:\Users\Dan\Music\3rd Matinee\Meanwhile>attrib
A            01 I Don't Care.mp3
A            02 Freedom Road.mp3
A            03 Holiday for Sweet Louise.mp3
A            04 She Dreams.mp3
A            05 Ordinary Day.mp3
A            06 Family Tree.mp3
A            07 Echo Hill.mp3
A            08 All the Way Home.mp3
A            09 Silver Cage.mp3
A            10 Trust Somebody.mp3
A            11 Meanwhile.mp3
A  SH        AlbumArtSmall.jpg
A  SH        AlbumArt_{3CA9654B-BDA9-4DF4-9D07-B8269EF19101}_Large.jpg
A  SH        AlbumArt_{3CA9654B-BDA9-4DF4-9D07-B8269EF19101}_Small.jpg
A  SH        desktop.ini
A  SH        Folder.jpg
A  SH   I    Thumbs.db


  • If you add a registry value ListAllFiles (type DWORD and value 1) under HKCU/Software/Acrosync/AcrosyncClient (or HKLC/Software/Acrosync/AcrosyncClient if you installed Acrosync for all users), you will be able to include all files (except device files).
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