Problem with sync 'from scratch' without .photobackup file / what is this .photobackup file

I was trying to 'clone' the 107APPLE, 108APPLE, ... folders from the iPhone to the server.

Now, when I delete the .photobackup file, everything is rsynced from scratch, existing files are checked for equal content, changed files will be changed on server, .... so far so good.
However. Every time I do this there are a number of new files that are identical copies of other pre-existing files with different names.
I have used "rem Duplicate Photos Remover" so there shouldn't be any duplicates in the iPhone's folders. Also, why weren't the files synced in the previous run then?

So in the end it seems I have to live with 'incremental from .photobackup timestamp only' syncs. Or do I ?

Please can you let me know an explanation for the random-naming problem above?



  • Can you give an example of how these file names changed?  For each photo, PhotoBackup just tries to locate the file path as supplied by iOS and upload the file at that path.  It is unclear to me how those paths can change. 
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