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Hi I'm trying to sync rather large files that may take over 2 days to complete. More often than not the link can disconnect or drop and consequently the Acrosync connection get disrupted. Is it possible for the Acrosync client to resume the connection? I can see there is a temp file still there so it would be nice to be able to resume the sync rather than start again from scratch.

FYI I get the following in the log after each interruption which tend to last a few seconds once it happens.

RSYNC_SOCKET Error reading from socket: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.



  • Currently Acrosync retries on a few network errors if it is a scheduled job, but this RSYNC_SOCKET isn't one of them.  I can roll out an update maybe next week to add this error to the list.
  • Another issue I have found during testing Acrosync is that if there is a disconnect , such as this

    2019/01/27 20:30:35    Error reading from socket: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

    Then acrosync stops all future scheduled tasks too, this makes absolutely no sense at all, why would I want to stop future attempts just because it failed once?

  • This version should retry on RSYNC_SOCKET errors:

  • I'm still having an issue with this. 

    Yes, the build above fixes the issue with RSYNC_SOCKET filaing no longer stops acrosync schedule, but now I checked this morning and saw it had stopped again with this error

    2019/02/28 00:14:05    Failed to read 2256 bytes from 'I:/Synch/Documents/Cathy/Photos/Camera/P1000174.JPG': The system cannot find the file specified.

    And the service had stopped again and I had to click "Start" again on the main screen.

    Again, there is NO instance I can think of where on a failure during a job should you stop the service from running again the next day.

  • Can we please get a fix/response on this, it seems whenever I get a "cannot find the file specified" error the service stops, here's another I got last night which stopped the service, this is just not acceptable, why can't it just skip if it gets this and leaves the service running?

    2019/03/03 20:08:12    Failed to read 2800 bytes from 'I:/Synch/SP3742501_5412692_f0e5cd0d2afdab7f14b66c1f3d19e4b2 (1).pdf': The system cannot find the file specified.

  • Acrosync (like rsync) first constructs the list of local files and then reads the file when the remote rsync requests the file.  If the file can't be found then it may mean a bigger problem which may require user intervention (stopping the sync prematurely is better then failing silently I think).

    Do you know why these files disappeared?
  • why don't you just have an option to "ignore missing file errors" or something? It seems a no-brainer that if a file is missing you should just continue to the rest of the files, why stop the entire sync? 
  • I completely agree... I need acrosync to continue to try and reconnect on any network error forever.  Having it splash up a pop up window on the screen isn't ok.  Log the issue for sure... that way it isn't failing silently.. then it is up to us to monitor the log and send alerts where appropriate.

    File not found issues shouldn't stop the syncing process either... the application should do all it can to do as complete a sync as it can then log errors as they are found... or perhaps throw up a dialog at the END of the sync... but for the love of god don't ABORT the sync!!
  • And it's not just a case of aborting the sync either, it actually stops future syncs running until you click "start" again :/

  • In the next update I'll fix this -- i.e., skip disappearing files and only report the errors at the end.
  • thank you,

    Can you also make it so that it doesn't stop future sync from running? I see no reason why that would happen, but it does :(

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