Feature Request

Hi GChen, 

We have been using Acrosync as a backup agent for about 3 months now and love the product but have hit a few snags along the way. However Acrosync provides great control over a backup to an SFTP Server as well as the ability to save files in a way that means they can be restored without the need to install the Agent to read the files. 

We found that your Duplicacy Product has a lot of features that your Acrosync doesnt that would work really well with the product to take it to the next level of program. 

Is there a way to integrate some of the features to Acrosync: 

- Automatic Pruning 

- Run at "Frequency" on Specific Days 

Is there any chance of these being on the Roadmap of the product or is there a way to add the items to the current version using the CLI tools that are provided. 



  • I'm currently busy with a new web-based GUI for Duplicacy.  But I'll consider adding this feature to Acrosync after the new Duplicacy GUI is done.
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