What is actually Backed up? Any way to backup all of the cameraroll

I run a NAS (NAS4Free) that creates backups etc
Most of my family phones and tablets are android and I sync them to the NAS over ssh using rsync.
This works flawlessly.
For my doughters iPhone 8 I ended up installing PhotoBackup.
The setup was easy and it is pretty fast.

As a backup is only useful if it complete and correct I did some testing (using windows) by comparing content as visible from the iPhone when connected as a remote USB disk (seems the same as the camera roll). I run into quite a few differences:
- The NAS contains IMG_nnnn files only, the iPhone remote disk shows many other files with very different names. Those filenames seem almost random (e.g. DHAC8129.jpg), they are e.g. pictures put into the camera roll by apps other then the camera such as a screenshot or a picture from WhatsApp
- The NAS contains many more IMG_nnnn files than the iPhone. It seems like those are deleted pictures.
- The NAS contains files with a names like e.g. IMG_6877.HEIC. These are life images. The iPhone USB disk has these double and shows both a movie and a picture file

- Is there a way to backup all content of the camera roll? Does ACROSYNC for IOs backup everything? I did notice it has an option to cover deleting pictures.
- What about these .HEIC files?


  • PhotoBackup only backs up photos that are not backed up by iCloud.  When a photo in iOS is deleted, PhotoBackup doesn't delete the copy on the server.

    Not backing up the live photos is a known issue.
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