Service vs Tray Icon

I seem to be running both, which appears to be a problem. But when I exit the application, where is the service getting the configuration from?

Is the process:
1 - Install the service
2 - Run and configure the program
3 - Quit the Program and the service will use the program's configuration.

Or does the service get it's configuration elsewhere?

I'm having a problem because it is not honoring the sync schedule or the excludes. Not sure whether I've configured the service.


  • The process is right except that for step 2 you need to run Acrosync as administrator.  When Acrosync runs as administrator all settings are stored under HKLM\Software\Acrosync which is where the service reads from.  When Acrosync runs as normal users the settings go to HKCU\Software\Acrosync.
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