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is there any way of getting some sort of progress indication for an ongoing transfer?

I'm regularily transfering a big file (> 4GB) over a slow line (1 MBit), which takes hours. Currently I have no way to check how far along the transfer has gotten e.g. before the connection is broken.



  • Doesn't the progress bar at the bottom of the window work for you?
  • Good tip, thank you. I'll watch that.

    On a related note: When "Verbose Logging" is DISabled, the log does not even contain a "task started/task finished" mark. Could those be added?

  • It was designed to produce the least number of log messages (especially in auto upload mode you wouldn't want to see all these start/finish marks).  Any reason why these marks are important to you?
  • In the first place, I want to know if it ran at all. Otherwise, it might have failed even to start and not actually performed the backup I would be counting on.

    Ideally I would like an entry like this:

    started at X, scanned X files, transferred X bytes from X modified files, completed at X, elapsed time X.

    Currently, I can either have a whole truckload of entries (verbose mode) or none at all (standard mode). I can not get a quick status report.

  • I've been looking at the status line as a progress indicator, but this is confusing as well:

    Currently, a job is active and has been running for about three hours. Yet, the status is still "Snapshotting [path]". "Snapshotting" on a Windows system will usually be understood as creating a file system shadow copy, which should not take more than a few seconds. After that, the status should probably be "Transferring data".

    Next, the status line mentions a path, not a file. It also states that based on the current speed, the job should take about 30 hours. But this can't be true, because the job (it's running regularily on the system so I know from experience) will be replaced by another, shorter job shortly after midnight tonight - which is only about 13 hours from now. There will be no message of completion in the log, but when the long job is started again tomorrow morning at around 0700, it will complete after a few seconds, not transferring anything - which must mean that everything has already been transferred in its previous run - right?

    Anyhow, maybe now you understand why I wish for more detailed logging - after using AcroSync for years now I still have no idea what it actually does. I can only guess whether a job has been done or not. Obviously, this is a huge issue for backup reliability - I can only count a backup run as "valid" if I have verified the files on the target system manually, which is quite tedious to do on a regular basis.

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