Message "INFO: Skipping non-regular file"

Hi.  I have recently noticed a large number of messages in the log that say "INFO: Skipping non-regular file".   What is a non-regular file?  If there is more than one category of  these things, how do I find out which one applies and how to fix it so they are copied?

While the messages seem to point to things with names, or containing folder names, that are obviously not ordinary user files (e.g., names starting with "+" or files in a hierarchy with one or more ".foo" folder names), I see a number of files identified as "not regular" that are in the normal "Documents" subtree of the user for whom acrosync is being run that appear to be, e.g., conventional PDF files with no spaces or other oddities in the file name.  I've checked file properties on a few of those files and that doesn't look unusual either, nor were the files open while acrosync was running.


  • This message is sent by the remote rsync running on the server.  So can you check these files on the server to see if the permissions/attributes are normal?
  • I see this issue when replicating music from Windows to my NAS because some files, i.e. album cover info, has special windows file attributes set. It would be a great fix for Acrosync to also copy files which have the Windows "Hidden" or "System" attributes set.
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