three questions about incremental upload...

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1) If I have selected incremental upload, what is the effect of propagate deletion? I assume the deleted file doesnt appear in the next incremental backup, but still exists in older backups?

2) If I have selected auto upload, and incremental, which backup is modified when I change a file? I assume the current 'latest' incremental?

3) If I select autoupload, incremental, and propagate deletions, which backup is modified when i delete a file? Again I assume the 'current'  latest incremental?



  • 1) Right, a deleted file doesn't appear in the next incremental backup but it won't be removed from previous backups.

    2) The changed file will be uploaded to the 'current' backup.  Every hour Acrosync starts a full backup, and once it is done, any file changes or deletions within the same hour will be applied to this backup.

    3) Same as 2) -- the 'current' backup.

  • so really, for 2 and 3, if it does a backup at 03:00, and I modify or delete a file at 03:01, the 04:00 backup will reflect the change, but the 3:00 backup will remain unaffected?

    What are the advantages/disadvantages of Auto Upload, compared to standard Upload in an incremental setup?

  • If the last full backup is at 03:00, the change at 03:01 will be applied to the 03:00 backup while the backup at 02:00 will remain unaffected.  The 04:00 backup will reflect the change, but it may be subject to further changes between 04:00 and 05:00.
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