concerned about backing up files that are uploaded to icloud to optimize iphone space?

I have been using PhotoBackup for IOS for a few years now and I love it!!! 
Recently (due to HUGE photo library sizes) apple has given us an option to "optimize iPhone storage" when it comes to photos.. What this does is it uploads the original to iCloud, Then it renders a lower quality version (thumbnail) for you to keep on your device. Then when you click on that photo to view it it will download the original from iCloud and display it for you....... 
So I am concerned that PhotoBackup is backing up the lower quality instead of the Higher quality... I haven't looked at any of the photos I have backed up recently so I do not know if this is the case... Also I wanted to make sure that PhotoBackup didnt see the lower quality photo as a new photo and either back up a duplicate or even worse overwrite the original?

Thanks! let me know! 
Would very willingly pay for more features! 


  • PhotoBackup always requests the highest quality version of a photo when uploading. According to Apple's doc:

        Photos provides only the highest-quality image available, regardless of how much time it takes to load.

    Therefore it is safe to say that PhotoBackup always uploads the original version, even if it means that it needs to be downloaded from iCloud first.
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