Uploading files the first time when files are the same


I am using Acrosync to sync from Windows Server to shared folders on a Thecus NAS.  I have setup Acrosync to connect to the rsync daemon on the NAS.  When ever I do a sync for the first time, Acrosync is doing a full upload even though the files are exactly the same on both ends.  After the first sync, this no longer occurs and Acrosync only uploads the files that have changed or are new.  Is this suspected behavior?




  • Yes, this is by design.  A full sync is the only way to keep files on both sides in sync.

    In fact, after the initial full sync Acrosync will perform a full sync hourly, just in case the file system monitor may miss any file change.
  • Thanks for the reply gchen,

    Is there anyway to suppress the full sync.  We have approximately 20 NAS devices spread across the country.  They are connected by varying connections from 15mbit to 100mbit.  These NAS's contain approximately 6TB worth of data, containing allot of small files, which need to be kept in cync with the main servers.  Currently the data on the NAS's is about 80% the same as the main server.  If Acrosync was to do a full upload, it would take a very long time to do the initial sync.  Is there anyway to index the files on both sides, and only update what is different for teh first sync?


  • A fully sync in Acrosync will index the files on both sides and then update files are are different.  There is no way to avoid the indexing part if that is what you want.
  • gchen,

    I don't have an issue with the indexing, but the first time it is running it is uploading files even though they are exactly the same on the target.


  • If a file has the same size and timestamp on both sides, then Acrosync shouldn't upload the file.  If it does, then it must be a bug.  Can you post some log here to confirm?
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