Live View not syncing


Firstly - great product, simple and reliable in my uses. Once I figured out the settings, and made a special login and destination just for this, it worked like a charm. 

I was wondering if you are able to put an option to include the live sync photos. 

When I compare the raw DCIM, 100Apple, and the your rsynced directory. It has almost half the photos - upon investigation, it appears that this is because of the livesync movies associated with each image. 
IMG_0001.jpg & IMG_0001.MOV
Photobackup is only syncing the JPG. 

Is it possible to have an option in the settings to include this?

Also, dont know how possible this is, but potentially schedule a sync - on wifi 3am or something?

Great Product!



  • Sorry, I never took liv sync photos so didn't know this issue exists.

    Will try to figure out something for the next update.

    As for auto sync, I don't think it is possible -- Apple imposes very strict limits on what can run in the background.
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