Acrosync preventing OSX to go in sleep / screensaver

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Anyone has experienced this?

Running in

pmset -g assertions

Shows me that AcroSync is the PID preventing OSX from going to sleep.

Listed by owning process:
   pid 595(Acrosync): [0x0001cccc00051871] 36:31:05 NoDisplaySleepAssertion named: "Acrosync client running" 
   pid 595(Acrosync): [0x00013515000510a0] 69:31:03 NoDisplaySleepAssertion named: "Acrosync client running" 

OS X El Capitain

10.11.6 (15G1421)

Quitting it will allow sleep again... Acrosync is not syncing anything...




  • Did you have anything listed in the Queue tab when that happened?  We call IOPMAssertionCreateWithName to prevent OSX from sleeping when the first sync job in the queue starts, and release the IOPMAssertion after the last sync job finishes. I checked the code and just couldn't find a code path that may leak the IOPMAssertion.
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