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If I want to install Acrosync on different PCs, do I need to purchase a license for each one? If so, is there a discount for multiple licenses? 
Also, whats the difference between the personal and corporate license?



  • Yes, each computer will have to have its own license.  After the official release is out, bulk orders with more than 5 copies will receive some discounts, but only for commercial licenses (because personal licenses are already heavily discounted).

    The personal license is intended for users who only want to sync their personal files from which they don't make any money (including salary). These users tend to think the regular price of $49.99 is "too expensive" for personal use, especially if the license is bound to one computer.  The personal license should be installed only on home computers.

    The commercial license does not have such limitations.  However, the one license per computer rule still applies.
  • Thanks you for taking the time to answer my questions.

    One last one though if I may?

    If I were to purchase a commercial or personal license during the beta stage of development, does that license carry on to the official release version when it happens?

  • Yes, of course.  All licenses are perpetual, including those purchased during the beta testing period.
  • Gang, I am in the process of retiring my existing HTPC and migrating all of the software and data over to a new computer (including Acrosync). Do I need to do anything special to license Acrosync on the new computer and remove it from the old?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Could you please forward your license activation email to me?
  • Email sent and thanks for your help.

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