Cannot download databases and a domain from environment Plesk


I am trying to rsync databases from my server(it has Plesk on it) but it cannot download them if I provide the address /var/lib/mysql as remote address. I get an error of 600 seconds

Also, I have a problem when trying to download my main domain(no httpdocs, but main address with logs etc). I get an error which is saying that it cannot create hard link. Cannot create a file when that file already exists. But this is the first time i try to make an incremental backup for this domain. I am trying on empty folder

Why these may happen?


  • Is '/var/lib/mysql' the remote directory?  If there are big files in that directory then it may take a while for the remote rsync to process those files.  You can try to increase the timeout by setting the registry entry 'TransmissionTimeout' under HKCU/Software/Acrosync/AcrosyncClient to a value large than 600.

    Can you upload a screenshot showing the 'cannot create hard link' error?  
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