Uninstall AcrosyncClient Service?


Just a single data point but, when I installed Acrosync and its associated Service and then uninstall from Windows 7 (using Control Panels > Programs and Features / Acrosync / Uninstall) the Service was not uninstalled.

I got rid of it using the command line "sc delete AcrosyncClient" but I think it would be better if the uninstaller did it.  Not sure if this is a general issue or just my computer.  

Can anyone confirm this behavior and, if so, can this be a "feature request"?



  • This is a bug and will be fixed in the next update.
  • This issue still exists. I have been have trouble with this and finally uninstalled the app, only to have the errors still.

    I took a snapshot but your forum form requires us to submit images from a URL??? What a hassle just to let YOU know there is still an issue.
  • "sc delete AcrosyncClient" command works, but trust me when I state that I will not be reinstalling this app when bugs like this one don't get fixed after two years.

    Rev. Barry Willie Black
  • This has been fixed in the latest 1.7 build which has been just released.  You'll need to run the installer again to be able to remove the service on uninstall.
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