wish : built-in viewer for TeX/LaTeX files, utf-8 encoding for txt-like files


your app should should be shiped with every iOs device, considering how usefull it is!

I wonder if you could add TeX/LaTeX built-in viewing. It sometimes is interesting to view the source of a LaTeX document.

Also utf-8 encoding now is standard, but is not rendered through the built-in viewer (e.g. for .txt or .py files). Could this be considered?




  • Currently it only uses the default UIWebView to render text files.  Could be just a simple change in setting to make it work with TeX files or utf-8 encoding.  I'll take a look.
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    is there any progress on text viewer for utf-8 files?   I tried to open in another application, but "Open in..." does not seem to work. Anyway it is tedious to open each text file in another application.

  • It looks like UIWebView has been deprecated and now WKWebView should be used instead.  I don't know if WKWebView supports utf-8 natively, but if it not, there is a method to load the data and set the encoding.

    This will be fixed in the next update but I'm currently busy with other projects so this may take a while.
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