When are incremental snapshots deleted?

I configured Acrosync to create hourly incremental snapshots with hardlinks. I noticed that after 24h all hourly snapshots are deleted except the last one which his kept as a daily backup. Similarly, after a couple of weeks (4?) only the latest weekly snapshot is kept and the rest is removed.

This is a good thing for most cases I guess, because it minimizes the space used by temporary files that were not excluded and in the long run I consider weekly snapshots more than sufficient.

My question is this: I would prefer to only keep monthly or even quarterly backups after a while. Will Acrosync do this or would I have to set that up on the server side? Is there a hidden option to control that behaviour?

And by the way: This piece of software is awesome, I really appreciate it.


  • For backups older than 30 days, one backup every 7 days is kept.  For backups older than a day, one backup per day is kept.

    This is currently non-configurable.  You'll have to write a script on the server side.
  • Is this feature (configurable incrementals) on the roadmap for a future version?
  • Version 1.6 should include this feature.
  • Awesome - thanks for this, and your reply in my other thread.
  • What is the estimated timeframe for release 1.6?  I can't find anything listed.
  • I have been busy working on a new cloud backup tool called Duplicacy.  Hope to come back to Acrosync in a couple of months.  So a safe estimate for release 1.6 would be 3 months from now.
  • old thread, but I am concerned that if autodeletes some incremental backups.

    Will my first (oldest) incremental backup ever be deleted? Its important I don't lose it.
  • The first ever backup will never be deleted.
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