Device ID Changed


on two Iphones I got the error that the device ID was said to have changed and I had to delete .photobackup on the ssh target machine. Why would the device ID change ?



  • That is because you used the same remote directory for backing up photos on both iPhones.  That is dangerous because photos on different iPhones may have the same file names.
  • No the two I phones got to separate users on the same machine its my wife's and my account on a windows pc. the have failry similar directory names but usernames on /cygdrive/f/ are kept separate.

    I also have acrosync for my account and I sync that to in a third /cygdrive/f/ directory. is the full user + path used to build the device id ? i can show the full pathes if that helps.
  • The device id is UIDevice.identifierForVendor.  This id may change if you remove the app and then reinstall it.  
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