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I'm using Acrosync with a synology NAS over SSH, and I keep getting the "channel has been blocked for over 120 seconds" and the backup cancels. Is there a setting I'm missing? 


  • I just replied your email.  For those who have encountered the same error, please make sure you're running the latest version.  If you're already, email me a screenshot of the error as well as the ssh and rsync version on your server.
  • I got the same issue, after 120 sec nothing goes anymore

    13:27:15    Acrosync for Mac 1.7 build 478 initialized
    13:40:05    The rsync channel has been blocked for more than 120 seconds (readAll:0:0:4092:1:1:1:4092:64000:19:64000:0:0:4:0)

     server is Debian wheezy, Acrosync Version is 1.7 (Mac). It is beyond each expectation for an app with that price !!!.

  • Can you try this build for which the timeout has been increased to 600 seconds:

    Note that this is the non-App Store version so if you have an App Store version, email me and I'll send you a free activation code for you to run the non-App Store version.

  • Hi,

     Sorry for delayed reply.

    Yes, I have a App Store version.

  • Isn't it possible, to put the timeout parameter in settings, which can be customized by users?
  • Please send an email to to receive the activation code.
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