File permissions and feedback

I just set up PhotoBackup for iOS. I run Arch Linux, so OpenSSH is not installed out of the box, but no problem there.

I have some questions and comments. Pardon me if the answers should be obvious. My chosen location for the photos is:
I found it very difficult to browse past Data. Sometimes I could get into the subdirectories, sometimes I gave up and just typed the path. What is the correct location on the screen and tap procedure to navigate into the subdirectory?

My local domain is called and my "server" where the files go is called "nas". So technically the FQDN is but the app finds the computer to be nas.local. (nas  dot local dot) The app worked with both nas.local. and So this is just for reference.

Is there a reason why the files get copied with permissions set to 0444 instead of 0644? When I copy pictures from the phone with Nautilus, they are saved 0644. Normally, I wouldn't care, but Nautilus and Thunar both put a big lock icon on them which kind of wrecks the preview.

During my search for an app like this, I read that some apps have the option to delete files after a backup. Is that an option which is considered? Maybe something like delete from the phone if the file is backed up and also older than X days.

Is there a way to put files onto the phone? I tried putting new pictures in the destination directory of the computer with the hope that it would copy the photo to the phone, but that didn't happen. Sometimes I like to put pictures onto the phone which were taken with another device.

Thank you for an app that is centered on *nix


  • To go to the next level when browsing remote directories, you will need to tap the disclosure indicator.  It is a bit harder to tap it precisely on iPhone than on iPad due to the smaller screen size.

    Uploaded files are assigned the permission 0444 because they are backups and not supposed to be modified.

    And I don't think iOS allows third-party apps to delete photos and videos.  If there are any such apps, I suspect they are using some private API.

    Finally, you can use another app of ours, Acrosync for iOS, to download files from computers to iOS devices.  It won't insert photos and videos to the camera roll.  Instead, it will store files in its own storage space in accordance with Apple's app sandbox model.  That app is not free (costs $4.99) though.
  • Ok, thank you.
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