Acrosync crash when open large PDF files

When we try to open PDF files more than 50MB the app crashes. We tested with several PDF files.

Do you need more info to try to solve this problem? Tell me what you need.


  • Do you mind sharing your PDF files?  I tried a few big PDF files but none of them gave any errors.

    And what is your iOS device model?  It could just be that Acrosync took too much memory opening the files and iOS simply killed it.
  • Thank's for answer gchen,

    The iPad used is a MC773TY/A model (iPad 2 WiFi+3G 16GB).

    Thank's again
  • iPad 4th generation can open both files fine, but not on iPad mini first generation.

    It was iOS memory management system that killed Acrosync after issuing a few memory warnings.  I don't think there is anything I can do, as Acrosync simply uses UIWebview (provided by iOS) to open pdf files and it was UIWebview that used too much memory.
  • Ok gchen, thank's for answer.

    Do you read the private message I was send a few days ago? ;)
  • Did you mean you sent a private message to me on this forum?  I didn't receive it if so.
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