Feature request

Can you please add feature/option to restart sync on error?


  • For the next Windows version I'm adding an option to continue running the profile when there is a connection error.  Is this what you need for the Mac version?
  • We need the same functionality. We sync to a Synology NAS but if the NAS is not online for some reason Acrosync stops forever.

    It would be great to have a restart on error functionality on MAC. Any plans to implement this?
  • Yes, this will be the next to do after the windows update.
  • +1

    I would love to have this on the Mac version as well! :-)

    I am using Acrosync on a laptop. Sometimes when I open the lid in a location when the wifi is slow, or I need to tether through my cell phone, Acrosync will time out and give me an error. Whenever this happens I need to restart all profiles manually.
  • Any news on this? Is it included in version 1.7?
  • This option is available in the Windows version but not in the Mac version.  The next Mac update will be a bug fixing update and will not include this feature.
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