iOS 8.3 Can't Find Server

After updating to iOS 8.3, I experienced what others have reported with dropped connections during file streaming... an OS issue.  With Acrosync, I would occasionally need to restart the device in order for the sync to work.  So, I did a complete reset of the iPad Air 2.  I grabbed the latest Acrosync and entered the info pertaining to my Linux host.  I've verified all of the settings against what I used before, but it keeps timing out with "Search Failure No available servers have been found."

Now, I am Puttied into the server in question over the same IP and port from a Windows box.  And, I am browsing the server's samba shares from the same iPad using the FileExplorer app.  So, there appears to be an issue affecting ssh on the tablet side, but I'm not sure if it is due to some change they made with the latest iOS update.


  • The server search (i.e., Bonjour search) usually only works with a Mac machine.  For Linux hosts you'll have to do extra setup.  I would suggest just enter the IP address of your linux host in the Computer field.
  • Yep.  That's how I've been doing it.  No joy.  Used to work before the update.
  • Got it working, and found two issues...

    Every attempt to connect from the button next to the IP field continues to say no server found, even though its working just fine otherwise.

    Manually entering the path didn't allow me to save settings.  Finally, I browsed to the folder, and got the check-mark to save.  Now I can manually enter other paths, and it continues to present the check-mark and work.

    Maybe this will save someone else some time.
  • Server address, username, and password won't be saved util you tap the remote folder browse button.

    I'll take a look at the Bonjour search.
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