Need some hand-holding, new to acrosync

  1. I have just downloaded acrosync from your website and it says expired already.
  2. When I hover over the sync options, it shows 4 options but there are only 3 I can select
  3. What's the benefit/drawback of using rsync with/without "over ssh"?
  4. What exactly does the option "create space-efficient incremental snapshots" do?
Here is a screenshot to explain all my questions:


  • 1.  That is a bug and I'll fix it.
    2.  If you disable the 'Automatically upload new or modified files' option, Auto Upload will become Backup.
    3.  rsync over ssh is much easier to set up, more secure, but probably a little bit slower due to encryption.
    4. this is just rsync's --link-dest option.  Every hour you create what appears to be a full backup but every unchanged file shares the same copy as previous backups via hard links.  Only the new or modified files will take up space.
  • The trial period was calculated incorrectly.  I've uploaded a new build (build number 481) that can be downloaded from
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