Synching iPad Files (Photos, Videos, etc) With Server


Maybe I'm missing something simple, but so far I'm not able to tell what it is.  I'd like to back up the contents of my iPad (as completely as possible) with Acrosync Pro to my SSH server.  I am able to connect with my SSH server and view the folders on the server, but when choosing upload as the transfer direction, no data is found on the iPad to upload to the server, even though there is a great deal of data (such as photos and videos) on the iPad.  Is there a way to do what I want, or does Acrosync Pro just function within an isolated storage area within the iPad with no access to the other content on the iPad?

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    Due to Apple's sandboxing rule, each app can access only a 'private' directory designated to it, and no two apps can share the same storage.  Therefore, Acrosync was designed to sync its own 'private' files with SSH servers.  You can pass files between Acrosync and other apps via the 'send to' option, but that has to be done one file at a time and thus almost impossible for large number of files.

  • That's too bad.  MebiaTransfer is doing it a little bit, but perhaps they're either using a hack, or it only applies to photos and pictures (which would still help.)  I find Mebia is buggy though, slightly corrupting files that go over the line.  (Mebia connects through ftp instead.)  I hope Acrosync is able to find some way to do it eventually, or that Apple provides an option to the user to allow it.
  • Photos and videos are read only by all third-party apps.  We're actually considering a photo/video uploading app.
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