Simultaneous Multi Server support

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I have managed to solve some issues my end and got Acrosync working which is brilliant. I have a setup as follows -

1 x OVH Server 100Mb upload/ 100Mb download
2 x RN104 NAS 10Mb upload / 50Mb download (separate locations internet speed same)
1 x RN102 NAS 1Mb upload / 5Mb download

Centralized backups are made to the OVH server daily, each set of drawings is around 5GB and there are nearly 70 separate folders on the OVH server. Currently the OVH server is uploading at only 204Kbp/s to the RN102, I have checked both ends for a bottleneck and am unable to find any obvious bottlenecks. With the speed it is estimating that the backup will take 70 Hours by which time the backup will be out of date.

Is there any way that Acrosync can simultaneously send to several servers at once instead of one at a time? I will continue to see what I can do about the speed issue to try and find the bottleneck in the meantime.


  • did you mean 204K bytes/sec or 204K bits/sec?  204K bytes/sec should be fairly good for a 1Mb upload bandwidth.

    Running multiple profiles at once is probably a good idea in your case but this means a major change to the design.
  • The upload is from the OVH server -> RN102. The data is moved from the office to the OVH server throughout the day I hoped to propagate changes off site overnight to the NAS boxes. I was hoping in this way to maximise the 100Mb bandwidth.

    I have continued to look for any obvious bottlenecks but there does not appear to be anything jumping out, is there anything in particular that I should be looking for with regards SSH or Rsync?

    With regards not supporting simultaneous connections currently, would it be possible to run multiple instances of acrosync at the same time? The files would not be altered once transferred into the OVH server until the next day.
  • Version 1.2 can run a profile from command line:

    The syntax is:

        AcrosyncClient.exe -p <profile name>

    You must assign a name to the profile first (right click on the profile tab).

    You can run multiple instances from command line.
  • I am having some trouble with the command line interface. Initially I was not able to get more than one profile started at once. Currently I am not able to load Acrosync in the command line at all.

    When loading Acrosync with or without a profile active, it does show momentarily in the task manager before closing, the logs do not appear to show anything on reset. I am still able to open Acrosync directly and it opens fine in GUI mode.

    I have tried changing the profile names around thought it was a letter issue but that does not appear to have resolved the issue.
  • That was caused by checking the other application instances first.  So if you run Acrosync in GUI mode first then the command line won't start at all.

    I've uploaded a new working build.  You can download it using the same links.

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