Safe two-way syncing


I have one-way syncing working well.  Is there a safe way to configure two-way syncing using two profiles? Obviously timing needs to be well thought through to avoid conflicts.

Many thanks, Gerry.


  • You can have two profiles syncing the same local directory, but handling deletions would be tricky. After deleting a file you'll have to run the upload profile first (with Propagate Deletions on).
  • This is what worries me. Have you considered versioning a file rather than deleting it, when it is deleted on the source?
    ie. ths_file exists on source and has been replicated over to the destination. If it is deleted on the source, then our choiuces are 1) ignore it, 2) delete it on the destination too. I am proposing the deletion event on the sources renames the destination file this_file(1) instead of deleting it. Would need to consider what happens if the same file name is created again on the source. I'm suggesting this without a full undserstanding of what incremental mode will do with deleted files, so maybe I have got it wrong. I looked for these things in the Settings but was amazed to find there aren't any settings!. Is there a config file somewhere, or similar?

    I'm also a little uncertain about Volume Shadow mode. It says it will let it replicate files that are locked, but does that mean I could rely on rsync to make a solid backup of the operational source operating system?

    Last question concerns this statement :

    " the Acrosync service will run all profiles with the scheduler enabled and the
    Automatically start this profile on logon option checked"

    Why would I have to run the profile at login?. Whole point of having it as a service and scheduled is soi it will run while you are in bed or whatever. I last thing I personally want is for the computer to get busy running an rsync profile when I have just logged in. Is there a way I can run it just on the schedule but not at login please?

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    I agree that renaming a file in the destination when it has been deleted in the source should be the right way to backup a folder.  However, Acrosync is an rsync client and renaming isn't supported by the rsync protocol.

    If you're looking for a backup tool, I suggest that you take a look at our new backup tool, Duplicacy, which supports many advanced backup features such as fully incremental snapshots, client-side encryption, cross-host deduplication, and extensive cloud support.

    That statement only means that the Acrosync service will sync profiles with that option checked, even if the user is not logged in.  It does not mean that you'll have to log in in order for the service to sync your profile.
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