Syncing in the background?

Does Photobucket (or Acrosync for iOS) transfer files in the background? See this comment by the makers of another uploadtool:

"This is a restriction of iOS. All third-party applications on iOS, once they enter the background, have a limited amount of time to continue operations before iOS terminates the application."

Will a background sync that is taking, say, one hour succeed?


  • No, iOS only allows background execution of no more than 10 minutes.  
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    Pity. Do you have special provisions to warn users about the risk? For instance by notifying the users as soon as iOS has indicated that it will close the background app.

    Or are you just relying on rsync's resume feature to start where it left off as soon as Photobucket is in the foreground once again?

  • When PhotoBackup is switched to background the upload is aborted immediately, but partially transferred photos/videos are kept because the '--partial' option is passed to remote rsync.
  • OK, thanks for the quick replies.
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